JERF Bar Variety Sample Pack

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12 Bars for $33.95
Not sure which JERF Bar you’ll like the most? Grab a variety pack and try them all. In our variety pack you're going to get 4 of each bar -- including Chocolate Brownie, Cherry Almond Crunch, and Vanilla Almond Butter.

We know that once you "taste drive" all 3 flavors you'll find the perfect JERF Bar for you. You'll probably even find one or two that your friends and family will love, so feel free to share!

The JERF bar promises means that every ingredient is certified

60 Day Tastiest Bar You’ve Ever Tried Guarantee

These are NOT your typical healthy meal bars. We know most healthy bars come up short on taste, which is why we set out to make the JERF Bar taste better than any sugar-infused energy bar out there.

We’re so confident you’re going to be blown away not only by the way you feel, but by the incredible taste, that we’re going to put our money where our mouth is. That means you’re going to get our 60 Day Tastiest Bar You've Ever Tried Guarantee!

Customer Reviews

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Love JERF Bars! Will definitely order them again!

Love Clean Ingredients & Nutritional Value

Hi! I would rate JERF bars a 3.5 because I didn't love the taste. Don't get me wrong, they're not bad either. I do understand that all kinds of sugars and crazy chemicals are usually what enhance flavors in regular bars, that's why I chose a 4 star instead of a 3 star rating (no 3.5 available). Thank you Sean for putting health and natural food first!

Delicious, Nutritious & Totally Satisfying!

I bought the variety pack thinking it would help me decide what I’d like best! Was i ever wrong on that one because I love them ALL‼️


I cannot see/ understand the rating scale ... yellow is a difficult color for some aging eyes to interpret on a monitor. Let me summarize by assuring you that I likely will order more. These are good to carry in my car inasmuch as I often miss lunch and need an instantly available healthy flavorful and satisfying snack bar.
Incidentally, my Chiropractor, Dr Sherron Marquina, introduced me to your JERF bars.

I eat them b/c they’re healthy!

I was hoping these would have the same consistency as Larabars - soft. However, they are tasty but a little on the hard side. I realize that Larabars are soft b/c they add a ton of dates to their bars which is a huge sugar load. I much prefer your ingredients!