About Us

Let’s be honest…

Eating a real food diet is good for you, but it’s not always convenient.

When we took a close look at the “healthy” snack options available today, we found a long list of hidden ingredients, artificial sweeteners, genetically modified organisms, and potentially toxic food coloring.

You deserve better than that.

We strongly believe that you shouldn’t have to trade your health for convenience. So we created delicious plant-based bars, made from real whole foods, that are really good. And really good for you.

Each JERF Bar ingredient has been carefully selected to not only create our delicious flavor profiles but to help you look and feel your best. We want it to be as simple as choosing the flavor you want, knowing that you’re going to get the real food nutrition your body needs.

We spent 2 years carefully sourcing the highest quality ingredients because we know the JERF community won’t settle for anything less.


Sean and Jon
Co-Founders, JERF Bar